Parent Involvement

2-3 Camp71Parents are encouraged to participate in the daily operation of MRIS as well as providing their specific expertise in other areas like fund-raising, public relations or maintenance.  Parents, who are not able to make this kind of commitment, can also be accommodated.  Taking on a roster in your child’s classroom is an enjoyable way to get to know the teachers and students, and familiarize yourself with how the school operates.

Rosters and Class help

Rosters are a great way of being involved with your child’s education. Both children and parents benefit from the experience of parent roster. Roster sheets are drawn up at the start of each term to allow parents to nominate preferences. A roster sheet is pinned up in the classroom and a roster duty guide is also on display in the office. Please note as the Kindergarten/Pre Primary requires a regular rostered parent it is timetabled prior to each term and the class teachers will contact you. Roster hours are just 10 hours per parent, per term.

Classroom co-ordinators, usually two per class, work with the classroom teacher to co-ordinate fundraising for nominated items e.g. class camps. Fundraising ranges from providing a weekly school lunch for students to a sausage sizzle/cake stall.

There are many other ways parents may assist in the classroom (e.g. covering books). Contact your child’s teachers to find out what assistance they need.

Support Roles

Taking a support role is a practical and rewarding way of being involved and learning about the day-to-day running of the school. Support roles are wide-ranging and cover all aspects of school organisation.  Parents of Kindergarten students are not required to take a significant role, and new parents are encouraged to take on a ‘light’ support role during their first year, as this is regarded as an orientation year. Support roles and roster duties are also waived for families with newborns or when unforeseen circumstances arise.

All parents should sign in and out when attending the school (apart from student drop off) so that in the event of an emergency MRIS staff may muster them appropriately.


 Parent Body Meetings

Every parent has a voice via Parent Body Meetings held in Week 4 every term and chaired by the Governing Body’s Parent Body Representative. Meetings provide the chance for parents to be heard and involved. The school community values every parent and they are encouraged to participate in meetings.

Parental Feedback

Parents are encouraged to be involved in the school at a variety of levels. A recent parent feedback survey on the school’s Top 10 Virtues found parents most valued its virtues of friendliness, respect, kindness, caring, love, honesty, courage, creativity, unity and helpfulness.

Reasearch Shows:

In the early years, parental involvement has a significant impact on children’s cognitive development and literacy and number skills. (1.) Parental involvement in a child’s schooling for a child between the ages of 7 and 16 is a more powerful force than family background, size of family and level of parental education. (2.) Parental involvement has a significant effect on pupil achievement throughout the years of schooling. (3.) Educational failure is increased by lack of parental interest in schooling. (4.)

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