At MRIS we believe everyone is capable of learning in a safe and happy environment where children and their families feel welcomed, encouraged, respected and included.

We provide a dynamic learning environment which is purposeful, challenging and connected to a student’s experience, stage of development and background.

We understand that children learn in different ways and at different rates. Each child is unique with individual strengths, abilities and preferred ways of learning.

We recognise that teachers and parents are critical factors in a child’s learning success and we all share in the “learning journey.”

Our core values are the foundation for all learning, teaching and life – “Our children achieve their best.”

Education of the Whole Child includes the following
developmental areas:

  • Cognitive (reasoning/thinking)
  • Emotional (self)
  • Social (group) development
  • Spiritual (virtues/morals/values)
  • Physical
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Ecological.


The Benefits of a Small Schoolhistory-pics

  • Small scale learning communities enable children and young people to be known and valued as individuals
  • Each learner’s particular needs are met and all aspects of development – creative, emotional, moral, spiritual as well as intellectual and physical – are encouraged
  • The learning process is active, participatory and relates to the child’s own experience
  • The learning community is underpinned by environmentally sustainable values and practices
  • Parents and the local community are seen as vital partners in the life of the school or learning community