MRISHelenDress Code

The school uniform is not required daily, however, it is essential for ALL excursions and interschool sports days so as to provide a ‘uniform look’, sense of belonging and easy identification of MRIS students.

The school uniform consists of the compulsory turquoise school t-shirt, black or turquoise long-sleeved crew-neck, black or turquoise school windcheater teamed with either black pants or a black skirt and a blue and white check school dress.

All students are expected to dress ‘Sun Smart’ with coverage on shoulders and midriff. Long hair needs to be tied back and kept neat and tidy as this is the most effective way to avoid lice/nit infestation.  Appropriate footwear is required.

 No Hat, No Outside Play –All Year

This rule is to protect your child from over-exposure to harmful UV rays. Parents and teachers are also required to wear broad-brimmed hats when outdoors on the school grounds. The school has been registered as a ‘Sun-Smart’ school since 2005.