Years 1 – 6


At MRIS, each student:mris jumps

Works towards fulfilling their potential in an atmosphere of respect, cooperation, self discipline and creativity.

Learns in classes structured to provide for each child’s educational and emotional needs, ensuring scholastic achievement and self-development.

Learns how to feel good about themselves,  become self motivated and continue the enjoyment of life-long learning.

Student Participation

Each week, all students attend a meeting to discuss and solve problems of concern to either themselves or their teachers. They also discuss fundraising opportunities and honour worthy students with virtue certificates. This meeting is chaired by the older students with the help of the teachers.

Camps and Outdoor Pursuits

Each class attends an annual camp with their teachers to provide real life experiences in  exciting and motivating surroundings. Students also have the opportunity to participate in bushwalking, gymnastics, and surfing.

The annual MRIS Meander Mayhem, a fund-raising fun run is also a popular event held on campus .

Natural Environment

Classrooms are spacious and stimulating. The school is situated close to the natural bush and children are encouraged to care for their environment. The Nyindamurra Nature Trail opened in 2013 providing a wonderful learning experience for the students.


Our  graduating students celebrate their Graduation with a public performance and receive a lifetime memento of a framed piece of their artwork.

Moving on

Students from Margaret River Independent School integrate well into secondary school. Past students have achieved high standards in academics, art and sport


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