Nurturing a sense of community

Margaret River Independent School aims to build and nurture our sense of community, where students are cared for and lifelong bonds established; where new families are welcomed, existing families feel valued and involved; and where staff feel valued and part of a team.


  • We welcome and mentor new families.
  • We ensure the whole school community is informed and has the opportunity to participate in discussion through our informative E-newsletter; and other social platforms like our website, Facebook, Instagram as well as  School Stream; and See-Saw.
  • We schedule regular whole of school social functions including
    alumni where feasible e.g. 40th Anniversary; Open Day, Change of Season Celebrations and socials.
  • We promote connection within the school by students, teachers and parents participating in a ‘walk and talk’ activity twice a week before commencing the school day.
  • We ensure  staff team building e.g. shared EQ workshops,
    regular meetings, and professional development.
  • We foster a network of MRIS Alumni members who can keep in touch, are welcomed back and often become mentors or contributors to the school in a myriad of ways. Fill in the Reconnect form so we can keep you in touch. We will also let you know what is happening at the school – new infrastructure, new programmes and old students who come back as teachers or staff (yes we are fortunate to have many of these!)




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