MRIS: A foundation for life, our children achieve their best

MRIS provides a quality learning environment, developing each child’s strengths, self-esteem and self-motivation. Our students build academic, social, emotional and personal skills, which accompany them on their journey through life.

To this end an atmosphere of mutual respect is fostered between children, staff and parents via the use of the Virtues and Peer Support programs and the STEP parenting course (Systematic Training in Effective Parenting) offered by the school.

The school’s focus on Intrinsic Motivation helps the students develop autonomy, mastery and purpose.

As a small school we can individually tailor interesting and challenging teaching programs for students. With this child-centred approach, self-esteem and ownership of learning is promoted.

We Value

  • Small school environment
  • Each child’s learning journey
  • Bush learning environment
  • Passion and commitment
  • Creating community
  • Sustainability
  • Lasting Bonds
  • Resilience and respect
  • Social justice
  • Restorative practices
  • Individuality and sense of self

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning is at the core of a long-running Margaret River Independent School leadership program aimed at developing well-being and life-long skills. For the last 11 years, all classes from Year 1 onwards participate annually in Peer Support workshops led by Year 6 students. Each year the program focuses on a different aspect of emotional intelligence. Activities engage students in various ways including group games, art, music and discussion circles. 

We employ a Chaplain and Wellbeing Officer to provide both immediate and ongoing support for students and adults in need. This is part of the inclusive and welcoming nature of MRIS and assists with our focus on mental health and well-being for our whole school community.

Regulatory Standards

The Director General of the Department of Education is responsible for ensuring that the school observes the registration standards, including the standard about its complaints handling system. Any student, parent or community member is entitled to contact the Director General with concerns about how the school has dealt with a complaint. Information is available on the Department of Education. While the Director General may consider whether the school has breached the registration standards, she does not have power to intervene in a complaint or override the school’s decision.

Environmental Education

Students, staff and families care for our natural bushland setting and are always striving to improve and manage the health of the surrounding bush. A dedicated Bushland Management Officer is employed to oversee and co-ordinate the health of the surrounding forest and provide opportunities for ‘connection to country’

MRIS Graduates Excel 

MRIS graduates usually go to Margaret River Senior High School, where they have established a reputation for high standards of learning and achievement. A number of MRIS students have gone on to be head students, duxes and award recipients.


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