People 1

Wendy Roediger

People 2

Ann Murray
Deputy principal and Pre-Primary Teacher

People 3

Todd Exell
infrastructure, Media & Services manager

People 4

June Cunningham
Finance Officer

People 5

Melissa White
Marketing Assistant

People 6

Amber Edmonds
Office Administrator

People 7

john Francis

People 8

Julia Knight
Wellbeing Officer

People 9

Roger Westaway


People 10

Murray Stevenson
Little Indies Pre-Kindy teacher

People 11

Helen Ewing
Kindergarten Teacher

People 12

Shaunna Kilcullen
Pre-Primary Teacher (currently on maternity leave)

People 13

Tamara Broadbent
Pre-Primary Teacher

People 14

Kate Cawse
Year 1 Teacher

People 15

Kate Appleton
Year 2 Teacher

People 16

Amanda Mas
Year 2 Tandem Teacher and Numeracy Tutor

People 17

Ashley Burke
Year 3 Teacher

People 18

Sara Walker
Year 4 teacher

People 19

Lindsay Burke
Year 5 Teacher

People 20

Laura Nicholls
Year 6 teacher

People 21

Pam Tuffin
Literacy Tutor

Specialist Teachers

People 22

Alicia McIntosh
Language Specialist (French)

People 23

Sean Allen
Sports Specialist

People 24

Amalia Curtin
Music Specialist

People 25

Genevieve Bosman
Dance & Drama Specialist

People 26

Skye Robertson
visual Art Specialist

Teacher’s Assistant

People 27

Jacki Connew

People 28

Chelle Edwards

People 29

Noela Garland

People 30

Janine Harrold

People 31

Jessie Hartwig-Boutkan

People 32

Belinda Heussenstamm

People 33

Karen Larkin

People 34

Kate O'Hara

People 35

Janet Pettit

People 36

Claire Thorpe