MRIS Curriculum and Beyond

MRIS follows the West Australian Curriculum School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCASA).  Our teachers use a Whole School Development Plan which addresses 8 learning areas: English, Mathematics, Science, HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences), Languages, Arts, Health & Physical Education, and Technologies.

MRIS is extremely proud of its well-chosen, highly-skilled and caring teachers. Teachers are asked to be flexible, supportive and innovative. They are encouraged to use their own special skills and areas of interest and to utilise the wealth of skills found amongst parents.

At MRIS, students enjoy a rich nature pedagogy which threads from Year 1 through to Year 6. A highlight for many students is the indigenous mentorship provided to our Year 3 class by Josh Whiteland of Koomal dreaming who shares his knowledge of country and traditional culture with our students.

Tutoring is offered by the school and is highly effective in supporting students with learning difficulties or gifted students.

Local engineer, Rob Glass has been running MRIS’s extension program for six years now with the aim of sparking critical thinking and student creativity. His weekly sessions guide students to question and investigate theories and concepts whilst nurturing entrepreneurship.

Pastoral care involves looking after the personal needs of students, not just their academic needs, through the provision of general spiritual and personal advice. Pastoral care is provided by teaching staff supported by the Chaplain & Wellbeing Officer overseen by the Principal, with further aid from the School Psychologist as needed.

Immediate and ongoing support for students and adults in need support the inclusive and welcoming nature of MRIS and assist our focus on mental health and wellbeing throughout the school community. Please note Chaplains are not permitted to proselytise.

Social and emotional learning is at the core of a long-running Margaret River Independent School leadership program aimed at developing well-being and life-long skills.

Each class attends an annual camp with their teachers to provide real life experiences in  exciting and motivating surroundings. Students also have the opportunity to participate in bushwalking, gymnastics, and surfing.

Classrooms are spacious and stimulating. The school is situated close to the natural bush and children are encouraged to care for their environment. The Nyindamurra Nature Trail opened in 2013 providing a wonderful learning experience for the students.

MRIS is extremely fortunately to be able to call on the many skills of past and future parents and community members to offer exciting opportunities for students to try their hand areas such as robotics, puppetry, nature art  sewing, cooking and many other unique skills.

Our  graduating students celebrate their Graduation with a public performance and receive a lifetime memento of their journey at MRIS.

Students from Margaret River Independent School integrate well into secondary school. Past students have achieved high standards in academics, art and sport.

MRIS prepares students to contribute to society in whatever areas spark their interest and creativity.



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