Specialist Teachers

We engage caring, experienced and specialist educators.

Specialist Teachers 1

Alicia McIntosh
Language Specialist (French)

Specialist Teachers 2

Tom Curtin
Physical Education Specialist

Specialist Teachers 3

Amalia Curtin
Music Specialist

Specialist Teachers 4

Genevieve Bosman
Drama Specialist

Specialist Teachers 5

Murray Stevenson
visual Arts Specialist

The school places a high priority on visual and performing arts and employs specialist teachers for Years 1-6 in the areas of Visual Arts, Music, and Dance and Drama who are professionals in their chosen field. The school is well known, through exhibitions and concerts, for its high standards of performance. Students are able to participate in private music lessons as well as having the opportunity to be part of the popular school bands.

A specialist teacher is employed to run a French Language Program for Years 1-6. MRIS hosts a highly successful French connection Open Day every second year which is well attended by the wider community.

MRIS employs a specialist Physical Education teacher and Year 1-6 students are taught a wide range of sporting skills with an emphasis on fitness and teamwork. 


Specialist Teachers 6
Specialist Teachers 7