Parent Involvement

MRIS offers a unique opportunity for parents to be in the classroom and school with their children. Compulsory parent contribution hours are a key feature in supporting the ongoing sense of MRIS as a family school.

Part of our responsibility as a parent at MRIS is to ensure we complete our parent hours (preferably 10hrs each term).  Not only does it benefit the school, but it also sends our children a clear message that we value the school they attend.  According to research, “the most accurate predictor of a student’s achievement in school is not income or social status but the extent to which the student’s family is able to create a home environment that encourages learning [and] become involved in their children’s school (Henderson and Berla).  “Child Trends” furthered this, stating: ”A recent meta-analysis showed that parental involvement in school life was more strongly associated with high academic performance than helping with homework” (

Benefits to you, the parent

  • Gaining a first-hand understanding of the running of the school
  • Understanding trends and fads of school life
  • Gaining a better understanding of the teacher’s job and the school curriculum
  • Having a deeper understanding of what the child is learning, aiding discussion and learning with the child during after-school hours (
  • Stronger ties to the school community
  • A deeper understanding of the child’s peers

Benefits to the child

  • Children tend to achieve more, with better grades and attendance.
  • Children have better self-esteem and show higher aspirations and motivation toward school
  • Children exhibit more positive attitudes, with fewer behaviour problems
  • Children show better social skills (National Education Association)
  • Children whose parents are involved in school are more likely to complete high-school (

Benefits to the educators and other staff

  • Higher morale amongst teachers and staff
  • Teachers and staff gain further respect for their profession and hard work
  • Improved communication and relations between teachers, administrators and parents
  • Teachers and staff form a deeper understanding of families’ cultures and diversity
  • Staff report increased job satisfaction

MRIS: Sharing the learning journey!

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