Wadandi Connections

Celebrating Aboriginal culture is a pivotal part of the curriculum at MRIS thanks to the school’s unique learning program with Wadandi mentor, Josh Whiteland from Koomal Dreaming

Josh Whiteland

Josh has been the Year 3 Wadandi mentor for over 8 years, teaching the students about bush tucker and medicine, Noongar seasons, dance and other cultural aspects. 

The mentorship program is very important in forging a deep connection with indigenous culture and recognising the original custodians of this land.

“Having face-to-face learning with Josh is invaluable. Our students are thriving by connecting with country.  For the children to actually have time with an Indigenous mentor like Josh is such a privilege – he is so generous and giving with his knowledge, we are very lucky.” – MRIS Teacher, Kate Cawse

Reconciliation Action Plan

In 2021 MRIS appointed a working group to create, implement and monitor a reconciliation action plan (RAP) to sustainably and strategically take meaningful action to advance reconciliation.

The group is currently working on an audit of the School’s processes and curriculum with the support of resources provided by Reconciliation Australia. https://www.reconciliation.org.au/

Celebrating the Nyoongar Seasons

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