Nyindup Boodja

Living history through bushfoods and kitchen gardens on Wadandi Country in the South West of WA

Modern Waterwise Gardens

The trail continues to a contemporary Australian food garden grown using a low watering system.

This site is currently home to Nyindamurra Family School established 1982, now called the Margaret River Independent School.  With the multicultural origins of our students have multicultural diets (refer to the Welcome signpost for flags), Contemporary Australia food is multicultural and sourced from around the world.  Here we grow bok choy beside silver beet. 

The gardens were set up in 2019 with a Wasterwise grant.  They are wicking bed gardens to be water wise, with retaining materials of very modern colourbond, and elevated in an attempt to fight the invasive kikuyu grass introduced from the Capes region by the Colonialists.

The Year 6 students maintain this garden and regularly cook and share food from it.