Margaret River Independent School places a high priority on visual and performing arts, and employs specialist teachers in the areas of Visual Arts, Music, and Dance & Drama – all professionals in their chosen field.                                                           The Specialist program has recently been custom-designed for the senior students to allow a more deeply enhanced delivery of these 3 specialist areas by allowing extended lesson time, collaborating with the class teacher to increase curriculum connection and value-add to end of year graduation projects –   a drama production and  the student’s own framed art piece.                                                   Other Specialist programs offered at MRIS are the French Language program, a Physical Education program, and a weekly Innovation Session. The French Language Program targets language and cultural diversity.  Research shows learning a second language increases learning in math and science and a Second Language acquisition supports primary language learning. In sport, students are taught a wide range of sporting skills with an emphasis on fitness and teamwork. Students participate in interschool sporting activities, annual swimming lessons and some classes have additional sessions of surfing and gymnastics. Innovation Sessions provide challenge and opportunity for upper school students to use engaging hands-on activities designed to promote creative and critical thinking. Celebrating our Specialists at MRIS! 1