MRIS Alumni, Charlie Murray, came back to MRIS recently as part of Margaret River Senior High School’s (MRSHS) 2-week Workplace Learning. Charlie, Class of 2018, is one of many MRIS Alumni returning to school as role models, and to reconnect and inspire current students. Considering a teaching career but also looking at a trade, Charlie said he felt instantly welcomed back to his old school which he attended since kindergarten. “I really like the calm, family feel here compared to the constant chopping and changing of classrooms at the high school.” MRIS Principal, Wendy Roediger said “by hosting Alumni in our school setting we are not only providing them with work experience, but our children spend time with former students which is really helpful – they talk about high school, leadership and different career pathways.” “It really benefits our school and our students – they learn about life outside of MRIS and what to expect in high school.” “Fostering an alumni culture at MRIS is really important – it creates a sense of pride, community and connection for both Alumni and current students.”
Charlie comes back to MRIS! 1