Discovering Family at MRIS! 1
Jude created an artistic likeness of himself
Discovering Family at MRIS! 2
Grace with an artwork depicting herself

The Year 1 MRIS students have been getting to know each other through their Humanities and Social Science project, ‘What makes Me Me?’
Teacher, Skye Robertson said the students are comparing the past and present, identifying their own position in a family structure, and sharing their family history to identify similarities and differences between families.
“This process allows students to get to know each other, recognise their own roots and see that they share some experiences,” she said.

“Students have made an artistic representation of their families in crayon and inking, and they are also looking into what their names mean, as well as bringing in a photo and sharing a story of something they remember from when they were little.”

“It has been a really enjoyable process with the class gaining an insight not only into their own families but the families of their classmates.”