A record 65 frogs were captured in the MRIS traplines after Tuesday night’s significant rain event. It is believed to be the largest trapping event ever witnessed by the school according to Yr 5 teacher, Lindsay Burke and long-time MRIS friend and all-round nice guy Johnny Prefumo (aka The Frog Doctor). Johnny has been visiting MRIS to assist Yr 4 and 5 classes with their understanding of our amphibious friends for 18 years. “Johnny was the one who helped our very own Pam Tuffin set up the Traplines way back in 2005,” Lindsay said. A decision was made by the Yr 5 Ethics Committee decided to open the traplines on Tuesday night. “It just so happened that a significant weather event took place, and the students observed first-hand the results with a record 65 frogs caught in the 19 traps that the school has over 2 traplines, “Lindsay said. “Johnny and I have never seen so many frogs in one trapping night, it was amazing for the students to witness this and then meticulously document, photograph, and release the frogs in the most ethical way possible. According to Johnny, this was the last opportunity for the frogs (mainly female Moaning frogs) to mate due to the sparseness of rain so far this wet season. MRIS has a special licence from The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions to conduct pitfall trapping in the Nyindamurra Forest.
Foraging for Frogs 1