Jumping into 3D Printing at MRIS! 1MRIS has been chosen from over 3000 schools across 41
countries to
receive a state-of-the art 3D
polymer printer.
Yr 6 students, Leo Lacy, Charlie
Murray and
Levin Collins helped to complete the final part of the General Electrical Additive Program application
winning MRIS the 3D printing classroom package including curriculum lessons. The boys created a digital figure using software and then uploaded it to finish off the application.
GE informed the school of the win last week saying “We are thrilled you were selected from this impressive pool of
applicants and look forward to your school’s contributions to the success and growth of the program”.
Year 6 teacher, Laura Nicholls said the 3D printer would allow students to explore, create and transform digital models into physical objects. “Levan, Leo and Charlie’s hard work won us selection in the program… We are very proud and excited!”