Picture Perfect at MRIS! 1MRIS is thrilled to have renowned Australian illustrator and passionate environmental educator, Coral Tulloch as its own Illustrator In Residence.
During the residency, Coral will be working with the Year 3 students on scientific illustration and mapping skills to support the class tour guiding program which runs on the Nyindamurra Nature Trail.
Teacher, Ashley Burke said MRIS was thrilled to be able to collaborate with Coral on the mapping project. “We envisage that a creatively-illustrated and informative map will result from this project which can be given as a souvenir to all visitors on the Trail. The map will have students scientific drawings, a legend, keys and factual information.”
Coral said she was impressed by the students’ knowledge of their eco-system and was keen to work with them to bring their interpretations to life. “These kids are experts in this scientific field so it is a wonderful experience for me to guide them to produce their own visually interpretative map.”
Coral has written over 60 books and started her career in the early 1980s illustrating children’s pages in Australian and overseas newspapers.