Renowned Educator hosted by MRIS 1
Professor Helen Street

Renowned Educator hosted by MRIS 2Influential educator, Professor Helen Street will present a parent education workshop ‘Better than Ok. Helping young people to flourish at school and beyond’ on May 3. Hosted by MRIS, Helen who is a an applied social psychologist has a passion for education and improving mental health in children She has appeared as an expert guest on television and radio for many years. Principal Wendy Roediger said she was excited to have secured Prof. Street for the seminar and that parents and community members will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn more about children’s well-being. The seminar is on Thursday, May 3 at 6pm at the MRSHS Auditorium. Cost is $5. Please RSVP to the office on 97577515. Refreshments will be provided.