A proposal is underway to install guide signs outside Margaret River Independent School to improve visibility of the campus from Bussell Highway.
Main Roads will install retroreflective signs in Aircraft Blue indicating that the school entrance is within 450 metres.
The installation of the signs comes after a number of parents recently contacted Main Roads to share concerns about road safety at MRIS, in particular for vehicles entering and exiting the highway.
“As your school is somewhat difficult to see from the road, motorists approaching and/or passing the school entrance may not be aware of the school, and the vehicle turning movements that may be associated with it,” said Main Roads Network Operations Manager, Alan Roberts.
Since 2013, MRIS has actively pursued ways to reduce the speed limit outside the school with little success. The schools relatively unique situation on Bussell Highway, a primary route for thousands of commuters has been the main reason Main Roads has been reluctant to reduce traffic speed.
MRIS Principal, Wendy said she was pleased that some measures would be taken to make motorists more aware that they were approaching a school. “We will continue to lobby Main Roads regarding this safety issue so if parents could register any entry or exit incidents with the office it would be greatly appreciated.”

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