MRIS Time Capsule treasure! 1
Kalani with his time capsule
MRIS Time Capsule treasure! 2
Grace shows her handiwork.
MRIS Time Capsule treasure! 3
Malo with his masterpiece.

Hand-made time capsules full of treasures will be buried in the MRIS school grounds as part of the Year One HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) program.

Year One teacher, Skye Robertson said the students have designed, planned and created time capsules which they will bury in the school grounds for excavation later in 2017.

“We are going to put a writing sample and few special objects in the capsules with a comparison session to be held later when the capsules are re-opened. “We are expecting that our writing will have improved and attachment to special objects may have changed—it is all about investigating comparison and change.” Skye said the capsules have been made from recycled materials which the children had to deconstruct and reinvent. “The time capsules also had to represent the children in some way,

for example Jude loves sharks so his design represented a shark, Malo made a pirate ship “SS Malo” and Kalani made a Power Ranger-inspired capsule using forks.

The capsules were designed to hold objects, open

and close, and be fully sealable.

They will be buried in a

low-impact zone and be mapped for retrieval.