A ‘Bush to Bowl’ Kitchen Garden concept is underway at Margaret River Independent School thanks to a $5,000 donation and 3 year membership with Stephanie Alexan-der Kitchen Garden (SAKG) cooking program. The donation will help MRIS install a new kitchen garden including bush tucker, as well as kitchen essentials, in-cluding appliances, cookware, and pantry items. Partnering with Coles, Principal Wendy Roediger said the program aimed to teach the students how to grow, har-vest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food whilst build-ing on the school’s already strong connection with its na-tive bushland, and embracing foods from Margaret River’s Settlement gardens. “The donation allows us to kick-start exploring our local history through the kitchen and associated garden, by initiating a ‘Bush to Bowl’ garden program, while helping our students develop a healthy relationship with food and the environment,” Ms Roediger said.Bush to Bowl 1