Focusing on STEM at MRIS! 1Focusing on STEM at MRIS! 2Delving into aspects of science, technology,
engineering and maths to develop thinking skills and foster an ability to design and create was the aim of STEM Day held in the Year 3 class recently.
Students enjoyed an “integrated approach to
learning” by looking at different aspects of these areas.
Teacher Ashley Burke said during STEM Day
parents organised mini workshops at which children took part in STEM challenges.
These included building catapults and towers made from toothpicks, and creating a support network made from newspaper that would hold a basketball.
The Australian Government is committed to
restoring the focus, and increase student uptake of
(STEM) subjects in schools across the country.
Restoring the focus on STEM subjects is about ensuring Australia’s young adults are equipped with the necessary skills for the economy of the future.