hardyCourtesy of Augusta Margaret River Mail 11 Jul, 2012

PRE-PRIMARY students at Margaret River Independent School had an insight into some of the native creatures of the night recently, thanks to parent Gene Hardy. Mr Hardy borrowed a collection of mounted nocturnal animals from the Department of Environment and Conservation and took them to the school so the students could experience a nocturnal adventure during daylight hours. With pre-primary teacher Ann Murray and education assistant Raine Ladd he cleared the centre of their classroom, hid the animals in various locations around the room – under desks and peeking out of cupboards – then hung blackout curtains so the room was in darkness.
A preliminary presentation to the students outside the room elicited some interesting responses, including the answer “Vampires and monsters!” to the question “What kinds of animals come out at night?”
The students, who had brought torches from home, then filed into the darkened classroom, turned on their torches and explored, spotting the various animals, which included a snake, phascogale and possum.
Mr Hardy gave them information about each animal and there were opportunities for the students to discuss what they knew about various animals.