highschoolMRIS students took part in Destination High School on Wednesday and Thursday, visiting Margaret River Senior High School to familiarise themselves with the classrooms and studies they may attend in future.
The year 6 and 7 students were aided by the MRSHS year 8 students, and had fun doing photography, sewing, cooking, woodwork, art, science, maths, computing and visiting the school farm. In the home economics class they made Alphabet Pikelets, and in the sewing class made pencil cases.
PENCIL CASES: MRIS students: Alice Atkinson, year 7, Ruby Mirtle, year 6, Bryn Larkin, year 7, Zakye Yabsley, year 6, in front, Tanah Howden, year 6, and Jykie River, year 6, with pencil cases they made at their high school visit.