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Year Six students meet legendary Conservationist, Dame Jane Goodall

Year 6 MRIS students were honoured to meet renowned conservationist, Dame Jane Goodall at a [...]

Sharing Knowledge

MRIS student-led tours on the Nyindamurra Nature Trail were praised by a visiting school this [...]

Destination High School

Making the tran-sition to high school was made smoother for MRIS’s year 5 students when [...]

MRIS Cave Girls!

Underground adventures entertained MRIS Pre-primary students recently when they visited  Mammoth Cave as part of [...]

Bio Blitz Fun for MRIS!

Having fun while interacting with nature was theme of this year’s Margaret River Bioblitz. Year [...]

MRIS at Bio Blitz 2018.

MRIS students from Year 3 attend the Nature Conservation 2018 Bio Blitz recently. Along with [...]

MRIS Custodians of Redgate!

MRIS Year 4 students are the Junior Custodians of Redgate Beach. The class took part [...]

For the love of chocolate!

Following the production process from cocoa bean to chocolate bar has been a very popular [...]

MRIS Senior Students on Bio Blitz!

A expedition into Margaret River’s fascinating Mammoth Cave inspired the scientific side of MRIS’s Year [...]

MRIS Nature Blitz !

MRIS’s Year 5/6 students were among  a number of schools attending ‘BioBlitz’ held in a [...]