MRIS Custodians of Redgate! 1MRIS Custodians of Redgate! 2MRIS Custodians of Redgate! 3MRIS Custodians of Redgate! 4MRIS Custodians of Redgate! 5MRIS Custodians of Redgate! 6MRIS Year 4 students are the Junior Custodians of Redgate Beach. The class took part in Cape To Cape Catchment Groups “Adopt A Spot” program on Monday and were allocated the iconic Margaret River beach.
Students were involved in planting nearly 400
native species to rejuvenate Redgate sand dunes degraded by human traffic.
Year 4 teacher, Lindsay Burke thanked DPaW for dune-fencing and replanting, Cape to Cape’s Tracey Muir and volunteers, and the MRIS parents “who were just as passionate about the replanting as the students”. “Everyone who participated made the whole experience rewarding and enjoyable.”

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