Year 6 MRIS students were honoured to meet renowned conservationist, Dame Jane Goodall at a Perth Zoo event yesterday. The school, who has been member of Dame Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Project for 8 years, was invited to present MRIS’s Environment and First Nations programme at the event. Yr 6 teacher, Laura Nicholls said 90 year old Dame Goodall is famous for her work with chimpanzees, as well as her passion for instilling a love for all flora and fauna. “The children and their parents were so excited to meet someone like Jane, who is so active in the world environment, and to showcase what environmental action they are taking in the Margaret River region.” The students also presented a cheque for $468 to the Perth Zoo’s Native Breeding Species Programme from the profits made from the ‘Save the White Bellied Frog’ t-shirt enterprise run at the school. Contact the office [email protected] to register your interest in purchasing a t-shirt.
Year Six students meet legendary Conservationist, Dame Jane Goodall 1