Two new classrooms at MRIS! 1 Two new classrooms at MRIS! 2A flurry of activity has occurred at MRIS over the school holidays with the installation of two prefabricated classrooms and the initial construction of a Nature Playground. The new classrooms allow for single stream classes and echo aesthetics of current classrooms. This $300,000 project is funded by a $100,000 Capital Grant from the Federal Government and a $170,000 Low Interest Loan by the State Government. MRIS Chairperson, Jessica Worrall said the project required the school kiln to be relocated to enable crane access, and clearing associated with the required Asset Protection Zone (APZ) under the Bushfire Management Plan. “Currently the classroom surrounds (i.e ramps, steps and landscaping) are being finished and I am happy to say the whole building project is on schedule, cost and time-wise.” Yr 5 and Yr 4 students will be in their new classrooms on Monday. Parent help to set-up the new classrooms, finish off surrounds, and assist with the nature playground would be appreciated. “Both June (MRIS Business Manager) and I are really happy with how the classrooms look and their seamless integration into the landscape. This new building project will allow MRIS to grow into the future.” The Nature Playground will be completed in the next few weeks and a formal opening of the classrooms is also planned.