Trailblazers: AISWA’s Executive Director, Valerie Gould took a guided tour of the Nyindamurra Nature Trail with MRIS students Jasset Drury and Sholto Armstrong.

A break from the busy corporate world was a real treat for AISWA’s ( Australia Independent School WA)’s executive director’s Valerie Gould  when she visited Margaret River Independent School last week to take a tour of the Nyindamurra Nature Trail.

” I spend a lot of time dealing with bureaucrats so it was really uplifting to interact with the MRIS students – it reminded me why I took up teaching in the first place,” Ms Gould said.

Ms Gould said she was impressed by the newly constructed trail  but it was the knowledge and enthusiasm of her guides,  Jasset Drury ( Yr 4) and Sholto Armstrong (Yr 3)  that was the highlight. “It was wonderful having the children show me through. There is excellent signage however  having Sholto and Jassett explain  the different plants, their Nyoongar uses and their own experiences in using bush remedies was inspiring.”

She said it was refreshing to see how much they enjoyed not only the trail activities but the construction of the trail.” The boys explained how much they had learnt and that it was the ‘best sort of learning’. They also said  they felt sorry for school’s who don’t have bush in their backyard! It is obvious the whole process was fascinating and rewarding for the whole class.”