indopic_001courtesy of the Augusta-Margaret River Mail, August, 2013

A FUSION of Indonesian  rhythm  and sound  came to Margaret River Independent School recently when Suara Indonesia Dance Group visited the school.

The Sydney- based dance group impressed the students and teachers with an energetic, colourful display of traditional and modern Indonesian dances and songs from Sumatra, Bali and Java.

Students participated  in Randai,  a form of traditional theatre  from West Sumatra in which drumming pants ( Galembong) are worn, stretched tight and used to create percussion.

Suara Indonesia Dance Group is about to embark on a European tour to further promote Indonesian culture and language through  the performing arts.

MRIS wave: Hugo Douglas, Sholto Armstrong, Rose Tattam, Arabella Dunn, Andi Hunter, Salli Howden-Woodland, Mia Coleman and Navah Drury perform a wave sequence with Suara Indonesian Dance Group’s Kartika Suharto-Martin, Murtala and Alfira O’Sullivan