Peer supportThe ability to move forward when facing a challenging situation is the focus of the Peer Support programme currently being held at Margaret River Independent School.

Students are learning the ‘Resilience’ module of the programme which helps children to identify their qualities and strengths, develop skills, respond with a range of strategies and seek support when faced with challenges.

MRIS principal, Wendy Roediger said the programme is now in its 5th year. Sessions involved  all students aged from pre-primary up and were led by trained Year 6 and 7 Peer Leaders.

“The students establish connections with the other members of their groups and develop a group agreement to enable them to work well together,” she said.

Ms Roediger said the Peer Support programme was an important facet of the school’s mental health and wellbeing programme.

“Our school has often been praised for its peer connections and family-style values. Through our peer led program we are fostering the mental, social and physical well being of  our students and their community.”

Previous modules studied are anti-bullying, living positively, promoting harmony, and keeping friends.

Peer Leaders:  Sol Garland (Yr 7) and Mira Atkinson (Yr 6) leading a Resilience module of the Peer Support programme to keen participants,Flynn Rosenbach-Du Boulay, Kirra Heussenstamm and Starzia Robertson.