Educator Maggie Dent with MRIS staff Julie Lockyer (Acting Principal), and teachers Ashley Williamson and Skye Robertson.

Australia’s “Queen of Common Sense” Maggie Dent visited Margaret River Independent School on Wednesday to see first-hand the exciting learning opportunities being offered at the primary school.

Making a special visit to MRIS whilst on a presentation tour of  the South-west, Mrs Dent said she was keen to see the new teaching initiatives at MRIS including  the ‘Little Indies Discovery School for 3 Year Olds’ – a nature based learning programme and  the ground-breaking ‘Bush School’ which runs from the newly-constructed Nyindamurra Nature Trail.

Mrs Dent said it was important “to immerse children in interactive play”.

“There is a smorgasbord of learning experiences at MRIS”, she said “It is impressive to see a school embrace nature play as well as the academics.”

“Every child is a little scientist drawn by curiosity to investigate  their environment.”

The community is invited to come and have a look at MRIS during the  Little Indies Open Afternoon on Wednesday December 3 from 1-2pm.

Free afternoon tea is provided. Phone the school on 9757 7515 to RSVP.