ENGAGING students with nature through “wild side” experiences is an important part of MRIS’s

Nature Pedagogy program. As part of the program,  Pre-Primary is participating in guided investigations on MRIS’s purpose-built Nyindamurra Nature Trail where they observe natural

environment changes, engage their senses and increase their environmental awareness ultimately guiding them to become future

nature custodians. Teacher, Ann Murray said the children make observations using their senses. “Our wild side walks are part of the whole school ‘Nature Pedagogy’ program which is curriculum integrated in each class. Pre-Primary’s focus is “Cooperative Collaborators—Discover what is outside the Gate”. In addition to the nature pedagogy program, MRIS also places great importance on engaging students in nature play. As a result the school has received the tick of approval from  education and childhood expert, Maggie Dent, featuring in Dent’s Nature Play Gallery as one of 47 schools from around the country that have integrated the principles of nature play into their play spaces. “There is a smorgasbord of learning experiences at MRIS,” Ms Dent said. “It is impressive to see a school embrace nature play as well as the academics. Every child is a little scientist drawn by curiosity to investigate their environment.”



MRIS Walking on the Wild Side! 1