MRIS Year 3 Class: Custodians of our Environment 1
Ashley Burke, Year 3 Teacher

MRIS Year 3 Class: Custodians of our Environment 2

Bush Mandala

MRIS Year 3 Class: Custodians of our Environment 3
MRIS Year 3 Class: Custodians of our Environment 4
Fun in the bush
MRIS Year 3 Class: Custodians of our Environment 5
Under tarp









A child’s natural wonder for learning is an essential tool used by Margaret River Independent School’s Year 3 Teacher, Ashley Burke in her delivery of education.
The wonderful learning opportunities presented during a day in Ashley’s classroom helps to enhance her students’ desire for knowledge no matter what that particular child’s style of learning.
Holding a Masters in Primary Education with a final thesis on Multiple Intelligences, Ashley guides her students to engage in all learning areas regardless of where their strengths lie.
“I use individual learning styles
and particular skills to ensure
participation and engagement
of all modes of student learning.”
Ashley’s talent at utilising all learning abilities combined with her personal brand of infectious enthusiasm, positivity and an obsession with crafty design works to create an essential connection with students.
Her experience teaching solo in a remote Indigenous community in the heart of the Pilbara also feeds into the vibrant learning environment generated in the Year 3 classroom. Through time spent with traditional Indigenous people, she built a connection to the land and traditional learning. She tries to bring her knowledge to her students and give them an insight into a different culture.

Wardandi Mentor Project

“This year the Year 3 class will be working alongside a Wardandi mentor
to train in tour-guiding on the school’s nature trail using traditional knowledge
which will prepare them to become future custodians of our environment.”

Ashley said she became an educator because “life is a journey of learning which never stops”.
“I enjoy providing the foundation for kids to explore and figure
out how to navigate learning in the modern world.
I aim to keep things fresh and interesting for the class by following
student interest… if we go out into the bush
and see a specific animal that sparks curiosity
then we will follow that path of learning.”