A rite of passage for our Year 6 students was carried out yesterday with the placement of their hand prints and names in cement blocks near the entrance to the school. The tradition started in 2015 when the first cohort of graduating Year 6 students left for high school and has continued every year since. A special feature of the cement plaques is, of course,  a signature love heart engraved in the cement by MRIS Principal, Wendy. MRIS would like to give special thanks to parent, Damien Lukac, for preparing and laying the cement for the Year 6 hand prints every year. This will be his last year doing this due to his youngest two children Maisy and Tommy graduating from Year 6 this year. Thank you very much Damien  

Rite of Passage for Year 6 students at MRIS! 1
Rite of Passage for Year 6 students at MRIS! 2