Creations and Innovations at MRIS! 1

Sparking student creativity and critical thinking, MRIS’s extension program, Innovations, is now in its 5th year.

Run by former parent, Rob Glass, the weekly sessions with the Years 4, 5 and 6 students introduce a wide range of subjects and theories from Archimedes Screw to solar power.

A Process Engineer specialising in liquified natural gas, Rob guides the students to question and investigate theories and concepts whilst nurturing entrepreneurship.

Consisting of critical thinking activities, and real-world discussions that promote higher order thinking skills, the program allows students to analyse information and find solutions to problems.  Geography, science and mathematics are integrated into the program.

Principal, Wendy Roediger said Innovations was similar to Gifted & Talented programs running in other schools, however, it was available to all students.

“We want equity for all our students. Testing doesn’t reveal all the students who will go on to be our society’s most critical and creative thinkers and those who will excel in entrepreneurial areas later in life, “she said. “Innovations is all about stimulating students’ interests and passions to explore their world.”