dsc_0670 dsc_0673 dsc_0675 dsc_0684 dsc_0696 dsc_0716-cropped dsc_0739 dsc_0741 dsc_0761 dsc_0783 dsc_0792It was awesome to see the class getting out into the surf, and the skills that they have. A small group of our ‘experts’ went out the back and had a lot of fun riding the waves in, with Kiva mastering the waves while standing on his head! The rest of the class were over by the river mouth, enjoying their time on boogie boards and surf boards, and practising standing up. They finished up by riding down the sand dunes into the river. The bus ride on the way back to school was a lot quieter than the ride to surfing, that’s for sure!

Liz Borkin Year 5/6 teacher